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Thor Loses his Battle to Lymphoma

November 18, 2003, Fremont, CAToday we made the decision to end Thor's misery. It was discovered that he had masses in his abdomen, thd diagnosis, Lymphoma. We are beside ourselves with the loss but relieved that he does not have to suffer any longer. This last few days have been particularly bad. The report below was written a few days ago when he suddenly took a turn for the better, or so we thought. I am glad that he is with his 'wife' in Heaven, who left us just 12 days earlier.

Rest in peace, my sweet gray kitty....Up Up Up to the Heavyside Layer...

Thor's Health Takes a Dive

November 15, 2003, Fremont, CA We noticed in early October that Thor was looking thin. A trip to the vet revealed an absessed tooth and a degree of kidney failure! He basically stopped eating because his tooth felt so bad, then the infection and lack of eating took its toll on his kidneys. We had the tooth removed and I began giving subcutaneous fluids daily, via an IV. Not good for a person who hates needles, but anything for Thor. He was anemic, so then he received 3 injections of Epogen®, which will cause his bone marrow produce red blood cells. That is to have an effect on how he feels in general. He still would not eat, so we have to force feed him daily. This is not fun for any of us.

He was so ill in Mid October that we thought he wasn't going to make it. I'm pleased to report that he is back to his "wa wa" activities, looking out the window, chattering, and despite what we've had to do to him lately, he still loves us.

Today, I offered him some elite, gourmet cat food and instead of gagging at me, he ate a small amount! So he is not out of the woods yet; he gets his red blood cells counted on Tuesday, but he is perking up.

He is also a bit blue because his 'wife', Noelle, unexpectedly left this world on November 7th, just a week after her 7th birthday. In addition, we lost Mjollnir (Joey) in September, so it has been a tragic cat autumn for us.

Thor is still taking his fluids daily and until he really starts packing in the food himself, we'll be syringe feeding him.


A wealth of information about CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) is available at

Thor to Make His Radio Debut!

October 19, 2000, Fremont, CA This morning on the morning news on KGO Radio, Meteorologist, Leo Ciolino, made the announcement that soon a talking cat would be joining the morning news!

"Thor, who lives across the bay, says 'wa wa' when he sees water or rain," Leo explained, "and he'll be helping me forecast rain!"

"The tape was made and sent off to KGO just yesterday," Thor's Webmaster/Public Relations Agent, Marian Briones, explained. "Leo should receive it tomorrow, and hopefully we'll be getting some rain."

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