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Thor, Age 5 weeks
Thor was born on or around April 23, 1993, and was found in a Japantown store in San Jose, California. The tiny gray cat, who's head was too big for his body, appeared on George's foot. George, not fond of cats at the time (no longer true), kicked, and sent the tiny thing sliding across the floor. Thor returned to George's foot, for another 'fun slide across the floor.' It was then that I noticed him talking to something on the floor. I picked up the tiny gray kitten, who's eyes were still gray-as gray as his coat. I had never seen such a completely gray cat - and he had many extra toes on his front paws - and even had dewclaws on his hind feet!

Thor went home with us, and we realized he was only about 5 weeks old at the most. Our other cat, April, had just had a litter who had left, and she was in the process of drying up so she could be spayed. (April had appeared on our doorstep, already a mom, needing help with her kittens, which we placed). April took over as Thor's wetnurse, and weaned him.

Thor grew from an awkward, big-headed kitten to a gorgeous, gray 14.5 lb cat. We thought for a while he might have Korat blood in him, but now the tendency is toward Russian Blue. He certainly has the traits - Russian Blues are very very shy and if company visits, usually they will be unaware that we have a gray cat. Thor hides out as soon as the doorbell rings!

Thor was always enamoured with the sink and water. He enjoys getting in the sink and requesting the water be turned on, just a trickle. We believe he might be emulating his human owners taking showers, but we've never been sure. He began murmuring, trying to talk, until one day, he said Wa Wa. Dismissed as coincidence at first, we obliged him by turning on the faucet, just a stream. That's what he wanted.

This was no coincidence.

Thor now is getting ready for his radio debut on KGO Radio with Leo Ciolino on the morning news. The tape of Thor saying wa wa has been sent, and Leo and the rest of the morning news crew is waiting for the tape and the first rainy day so Thor can predict the weather.

Thor enjoys laying around the house and yard, particularly in baskets of clean laundry, laying on the desk watching his human owner create webpages, keeping her feet warm at night, and making sure to lay on her arm when she is sleeping. Thor enjoys canteloupe and refried beans, although we don't enjoy being around him after he has indulged in such delicacies.

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